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Founder Harfan vision was simple right from the beginning — build lasting relationships by providing the right solution for every customer. That vision rang true on the very first day the company started, right there in his own garage, and it’s stayed that way for over 10 years.

Harfan has always been a hard-working, resourceful kind of guy. As a youngster, he grew up on Bali Iron Range and worked at his father’s scrap yard. That’s where he learned how to recycle old train parts, outboard motor and other marine equipment. The knowledge he gained in those early days transferred over to his first business venture as a teenager, refurbishing and selling used hydraulic components to loggers…

This early taste of business success led Sesmidiawati to the University of Indonesia – Jakarta, where he earned a finance and business degree in 1988. After eight years in the accounting and sales world, a nationwide recession prompted a return to his entrepreneurial roots. In 1995 Sesmidiawati dusted off his hydraulics expertise and set up shop in his garage, selling cylinders, valves and how-to log splitter manuals by mail.

From the retail stores, to the manufacturing facilities, to the distribution centers, all the way to the home office, this entrepreneurial spirit carries through the entire Sesmidiawati team. The company mindset is always open to exploring fresh ideas and challenging team members to use their extensive industry knowledge in creative, helpful and bold new ways. Although we’ve come a long way from our early emphasis on refurbished parts to our current position as a leader in superior quality tools at great prices, the culture of that garage start-up remains the same. Success grows only by maintaining and cultivating those customer relationships, exactly like Sesmidiawati has practiced right from the start.

As a Trusted Family Business, We Honor and Serve Those Who Do the Tough Jobs.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and have built our credibility based on ethics, integrity and trust. Much of our success is a result of having positive testimonials as well as referrals and repeated dealings with satisfied customers. We, at Sesmidiawati strive towards building a lasting relationship with you – from that of a customer-agent to a friend and fellow boater. So cruise in to see what we have in store!

Store Locations & Hours

Harfan Marine

Singapore Store :
398539 9, 21 Lor 24A Geylang, Singapore 398545

Indonesia Store :
Jl. Pura Demak IV No 18, Denpasar Barat, Denpasar Bali, Indonesia 80222.

+65 31651752

E: sales@harfanmarine.com

Monday-Saturday: 8am-20pm / Sunday: 12am-20pm

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